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Most of the people think that Pilate is similar to yoga, Pilates has few similarities with yoga but Pilate is different. Actually, Pilates is in the practice for over the hundred years, one German citizen late Joseph Pilates has developed it to cure his asthma and during the World War I, he started teaching this method to others as the best way to improve the core strength. And nowadays, a lot of people prefer to visit the Pilates studios to stay healthy and fit. And on the other hand, back pain Pilates have proved its effectiveness to help one cure the pain.

Along with this, Pilates have a lot of health benefits, let’s have a look at those-


  • Better mind-body connection- the best benefits of the Pilates classes is it helps to train the mind to be present and aware of the here and now. And this skill is going to help you in the other phases of your life because it helps you to improve your focus, regulate your emotions and more.
  • Improves blood circulation- the healthy blood circulation can heal you from a lot of joint pains. Actually, this type of exercise is designed to solve the problem from the root. On the other hand, the regular practice of Pilates helps to get the better posture.
  • Better flexibility- Pilates helps the muscles to become more flexible and this flexibility helps to cure the back pain. After the certain age, a lot of people suffer from the back pain but the regular Pilates classes can cure this problem and you will get a long escape from the pains.

The best studio for the Pilates classes
By the regular practice of  back pain Pilates, one can easily get rid of the problem forever. A lot of people have switched on these classes and now they are happy by getting the escape from the pains. If you want to join Pilates classes then open this website corekensington.co.uk, it is the most renowned Pilates studio and a lot of people regularly visit this place. Here you will get the atmosphere of personal classes with an experienced trainer. 

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